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1. HP ProBook 450 G3 Intel® Core™ i5-6200U kannettava, Windows 7 Pro

2. Intel® Core™ i3-4170 tietokone, ei käyttöjärjestelmää

3. Intel® Core™ i3-4370 pelitietokone, ei käyttöjärjestelmää

4. AMD A6-6400K tietokone, ei käyttöjärjestelmää

5. Lenovo B50-10 Intel® Pentium™ N2840 kannettava, Windows 10

1. Intel DQ67SW + Intel® Core® i5-2500 + 8 Gt (K)

2. Intel DH67BL + Intel® Core® i5-3570 + 8 Gt (K)

3. Intel DH67BL + Intel® Core® i5-2500k + 8 Gt (K)

4. Asus P8H77-V + 16 Gt DDR3 + Intel® Core® i5-3570 (K)

5. Intel DH55PJ + 4 Gt DDR3 + Intel® Core® i3-530 (K)

6. Asus P7H55-M + 4 Gt DDR3 + Intel® Core® i5-650 (K)

7. Asus P7P55-M + 8 Gt DDR3 + Intel® Core® i7-870 (K)

8. Dell Precision M6600 Intel® Core™ i7-2760QM kannettava (K), Win 7 Pro

9. Dell Precision M6700 Intel® Core™ i7-3740QM kannettava (K), Win 7 Pro

10. Apple MacBook Pro 8.3 Intel® Core™ i7-2760QM kannettava (K)


17th of April 2015, Helsinki, Finland

For a few years we have been selling Ducky keyboards and accessories to almost all European countries and USA. It was fun, but there comes a moment when it's time to move on and do something new. That day has now arrived. From now on we will concentrate again to local Finnish market only and this means that it won't be anymore possible to order items to other countries.

If you have questions related to previous orders, please send email to

If you are looking for Ducky keyboards with ISO Nordic layout, please check out these resellers:

Inet - http://www.inet.se
Jimm's - http://www.jimms.fi
MaxFPS - http://maxfps.se
Webhallen - http://www.webhallen.com


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